From the initial consultation to project completion, Geothermal Industries (GIA) has extensive experience in Geothermal drilling. GIA has successfully drilled in multiple locations around Australia each with a wide range of geological conditions.

GIA has the in-house capability and knowledge to drill and install completed Geothermal wells into some of the most challenging formations throughout Australia. GIA owns a variety of drilling rigs utilising various drilling technologies to ensure we can deliver your project hassle-free and as designed.

In addition to our Australian leading drill fleet we also employ some of the most qualified personnel in the industry. GIA has an extensive focus on safety and quality and this is reflected in our people who ensure each project is delivered to the highest quality.

Within the design phase of a Geothermal project, Geothermal Industries provides the necessary data via a TC test.

This test provides an accurate measurement of the thermal-conductivity value of the existing subsurface conditions. The test involves drilling one bore and installing a loop with the appropriate grout.

A small pump and heater module are attached to the loop to circulate water for 48 hours. Data is collected from the run cycle and processed by engineers.

Geothermal Industries provides a professional detailed report to the client with all the pertinent data and graphs. The data provided in the report will ensure that the geothermal system will be designed correctly and will be a thermal asset that outlasts the building itself.

Geothermal Industries provides all the necessary labor, excavation and materials necessary for vertical and horizontal ground loop installations. We build the headers and do the complete tie-in of the pipes up to the building mechanical system handoff point.

Geothermal Industries will turn over a ground heat exchanger that has been filled, flushed and purge leaving the system ready for operation. We have a vigorous quality assurance program that will guarantee your system is tested at multiple stages and turned over trouble free.

Our installation teams have many years of successful experience and a very strong reputation based on reliable, trouble free installations to date.

Geothermal Industries has grown to be a leader of the geothermal industry in Australia. We are an Australian based business specializing exclusively in ground source energy projects.

At GIA we deliver innovative energy solutions based upon long-term reliability, sustainability and cost-efficiency. We believe in an integrated approach to system design by working collaboratively with all stakeholders. We have extensive experience in both residential and commercial sectors, on new buildings or upgrades to existing installations (retrofits).

Through the network of GIA we are able to ensure the optimum application of the technology from initial consultation through to project completion and service. We look forward to working with the client as a partner and not just a customer.

Geothermal Industries has partnered with the industry’s leading brands such as ecoForest, NIBE, Waterfurnace & MuoviTech to become distributors of their Geothermal products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We can supply the right equipment for your project and provide a tailored solution which best fits your requirements. We understand that every project has a unique set of requirements and this is why we supply many of the leading brands which all have their own strengths and specific applications. If it’s a Watermarked DHW solution or a packaged unit for ducted applications, we at GIA have your project covered from A to Z.

In all of its Ground Heat Exchanger installations Geothermal Industries installs a state-of-the-art Turbo Collector ground loop which gives maximum benefit to system efficiencies and operation. The technology is Patented in Australia & NZ and we have the sole rights to its supply. To learn more about the turbo collector please watch the following video.

Geothermal Industries is also proud to supply the following products to the Geothermal Industry:

  • Heat Pumps (Air & Water Source
  • Buffer Tanks
  • Accessories
  • Ground Loop Turbo Collectors
  • HDPE Pipe
  • Fusion Fittings
  • Geothermal Manifolds
  • System Accessories
  • Geothermal Grout
  • Geothermal Sands
  • Installation Tools

Stay tuned for more announcements on additional supplies that can be provided by Geothermal Industries.

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