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At Geothermal Industries Australia (GIA), our vision is to create the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems across Australia, one building at a time, by making the business case for investing in renewables an undeniable one. We believe that a win for the environment and a win for the bottom line is achievable.

Our geothermal energy solutions guarantee this time and time again for builders, developers, municipalities and homeowners.

Founded in 2015, GIA has a reputation for leading the delivery of Geothermal ground heat exchangers across Australia. In addition to this GIA supplies industry leading ground source heat pumps from NIBE, Ecoforest and Waterfurnace brands.

Our work is based on solid business cases that generate new significant revenue potential, efficiency and environmental returns. Our solutions ensure builders, developers, municipalities and end users stay ahead of the capital curve.

By leveraging the Earths stored energy and replenished thermal energy we turn your project into a Thermal Energy Assets that has the ability to harvest, store and re-use renewable energy. GIA’s systems are completely flexible, accommodating many thermal tie-ins like water heat recovery, solar, geo-exchange and other leading technologies.

The thermal energy captured can then be traded within a building, a development (District Energy System) or stored in the ground for future use.

Geothermal Industries prides itself in delivering an incredibly secure supply of efficient, renewable energy and an additional, perpetual source of income for asset owners.

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