Embrace the future of energy with a risk-free service model

Etna Energy’s utility service advantage means we handle all initial expenses, from drilling to pumps and infrastructure setup. We offer customisable payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost of installation and usage over up to 30 years.

A Closer Look At This Partnership

Zero upfront costs: We handle drilling, pumps, and infrastructure setup.

Convert capital cost to operational expense: Pay for the installation and use of geothermal energy over 30 years.

Flexible payment options: Choose from monthly or yearly payments, like standard utility billing.

Design and construction

Seamless integration: We’ll work closely with your team to incorporate the system into your building’s design and ensure consistent heating and cooling.

Efficient construction: Our experts collaborate with your construction crew to ensure integration in line with your project timeline.

Maintenance and repairs

Continuous monitoring: We oversee system performance, ensuring efficiency, reliability and peace of mind.

Inclusive or separate billing: Maintenance and repairs are tailored to your preference.

Site assessment: We complete a thorough property analysis, evaluating sub surface geology, available space, complimentary energy sources and local climate.

Ground loop installation: Choose between horizontal and vertical loops based on space and geological conditions.

Heat pump installation: Install a highly efficient ground source heat pump system inside the building and connect it to the ground loop.

Distribution system: Integrate the heat pump with a customised distribution system deigned to match your building’s heating and cooling needs, whether it be hydronic based, ducted or both.

Controls and testing: The system can tie-in to existing building management systems for adjustment and monitoring.

Final inspection and commissioning: Conduct a thorough inspection to ensure compliance with local codes and regulations.

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