New Geothermal Products Arriving By The Container Load!

Its been a very busy few weeks as we have had multiple containers of Heat Pumps, Ground Loops and Vaults arriving in Australia.

We are now stocked up and ready to complete hundreds of Geothermal bores with pre-factory tested and fused loops on your next project. In addition to an extensive stock on ground loop installation products we also have stock on NIBE and Waterfurnace heat pumps for your next project. These heat pumps are flying off the shelf and the latest load was 75% sold before it even hit the shores.

As always Geothermal Industries is proud and capable to supply the following products to the Geothermal Industry within Australia,

• Water furnace Ground Source Heat Pumps
• NIBE Water and Air sourced Heat Pump
• Slim Jim Geo Lake Plates
• Muovitech Ground Loop Turbo Collectors
• HDPE Pipe
• Fusion Fittings
• Geothermal Manifolds
• System Accessories
• Geothermal Grout
• Geothermal Sands
• Installation Tools

Geothermal Industries Australia Pty Ltd

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17 Paramount Boulevard, Cranbourne West, VIC 3977

ACN 605 463 018
ABN 92 605 463 018

Geothermal Industries acknowledges the original custodians of Australia and respects the language, law and culture of all Australia’s Indigenous Nations.

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