Parliament of Victoria

Geothermal Industries was proud to be selected for the drilling of 56 Geothermal bores to a depth of 100m below grade on this high profile commercial project. The drilling occurred in the base of the excavation prior to the basement slabs being poured.

By having the geothermal drilling occur under the existing building footprint it took extra coordination both with the building programme and other building services. Geothermal Industries provided 2 of its purpose built geothermal drills to ensure there were no issues maintaining programme.

Geothermal Industries also deployed it’s drill cutting containment system to ensure the site remained clean and free from drilling spoil allowing other trades to work alongside our crews. In addition to the extra coordination, the site also presented some challenges with fractured rock at depths and large water bearing zones. Geothermal Industries was able to adapt and control the troublesome zones all while finishing the project on time.

Muovitech Turbo Pipe was used for each vertical heat exchanger installed to optimize the ground loop performance and maintain the system performance for years to come.

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Geothermal Industries acknowledges the original custodians of Australia and respects the language, law and culture of all Australia’s Indigenous Nations.

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